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“The drive to affect change in your client is real. The desire to help is the fuel. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is the vehicle that gets you there!”


If you or your organization would like to hold an ART Basic Training at your location click Learn More and send us an email about you and how we can help! There is zero charge to host a training and the benefit of network connections are priceless!


3 Day Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy Training


Day ONE details the neuroscience behind ART; brain regions responsible for memory and learning, the limbic systems and its role in mental illness, reconsolidating of a memory and how images play an important role in healing.


Day TWO is applying our learning administering an ART session with a class peer as well as receiving the therapy. After Day TWO everyone understands the impact of eye movements and memory reconsolidation.


Day THREE you’ll be taught how to apply ART to more than just PTSD. ART is an effective tool to address anxiety, depression, OCD, and is a master at eliminating phobias!

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"What is the central question to psychoanalysis, it is memory and learning."

- Dr. Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize Winner


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