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#SmashPTSD with ART

We are working towards ensuring all who served are served, all who suffer, find relief.

About Project #smashPTSD

Helping service members never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful

We all know that data says 22 to 19 Veterans, past or present, die by their own hand each and every day. One death is too many, but 22 is just unacceptable and Project #smashPTSD with ART aims to change that! What if the the very tool to solve the problem is the problem? Evidenced Based Empirically Supported Therapy’s used today do help, but the numbers continue, why? Because in those other helping modalities, the client has to TALK about the problem and doing this is near impossible for some clients. The right tool for the right job! Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) requires NO TALKING! The aspect of simply seeing the negative images or scenes under the protocol of ART moves the information from the limbic system (the feeling part of the brain) to the cortex (facts and figures part of the brain). The client loses the negative images, sensations and emotions, the consequences are a calmer, quieter mind, ability to think of the scene and not become physically charged or triggered. Saving lives!

Here is where your donation goes: every dollar you donate is put into a scholarship fund to be awarded to a worthy recipient. Every time that fund reaches $1500 another scholarship is awarded! What makes a recipient worthy you ask? That is for you to decide. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and follow as we determine together who gets these training dollars!  Qualified individuals licensed to perform this life saving therapy must submit a video request for the scholarship and you, as an audience, along with our panel we will vote.

Healing Families with ART
"Saving Lives is all about having the right tool for the right job"
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We need to reshape the landscape mental health and our own perception of how we view trauma. Some of us felt we had to step up and take the lead in our field.

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