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Basic ART Training

Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Training is a three day immersion training focused on each aspect of the systemic ART protocol. After your three day training you will be confident and ready to implement ART in your practice. 


Basic ART Training is the foundation for developing your new skill set, consultation is the framework upon which it is built. Our training team provides unlimited support through monthly confidential video streaming, email threads, and we are always available for the old fashioned phone call. We are here to ensure your success. 

YouTube Channel

Visit and subscribe to Wade Lang as he shares with you his adventures traveling the country and the world teaching ART! The channel may center on ART, but viewers will find more than they bargained for! #SmashPTSD


About  Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).  

Yes! Basic ART Training is an immersion experience, you will administer and receive the therapy during your three days. Immediately following the three day training you will have all the tools necessary to start administering ART with your current caseload. We will be there every step of the way to support you.

No. You will be able to start using the therapy with your clients immediately, there is no required supervision. Our team however offers “no-fee monthly consultation” ongoing to all of our students.

No. Accelerated Resolution Therapy is exactly as its name suggests, accelerated! ART quickly  moves sensations, emotions, and the images that cause the symptoms for our clients, therefore ART is also as effective in treating Depression, Anxiety, Anger, as well as Phobias to mention only a few. ART will change your practice forever.

While it is important to remain within the scope of your practice as a licensed provider , ART is a safe, systemic protocol that requires no speciality training prior to learning ART. ART is being used across all tiers in the field of mental health and psychology. 

Yes. Contact our staff to discuss where you are in your supervision process and we will help to find a training that matches your process.