Gone are the days of feeling helpless over emotions. Make sensations 

manageable and reduce or eliminate pain for yourself, and your family with SĀF-T.

Photo: Ogden Utah by Wade Lang

Who can learn and use SĀF-T ?

Sensation Awareness Focused Training (SAF-T) is a new, innovative rapid stress management intervention adapted from Accelerated Resolution Therapy, a well-tested evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD, depression, and complicated grief. SĀF-T is a revolutionary way to help people relax their bodies and focus on alleviating negative sensations to produce a calming effect.  It is a portion of the Basic ART protocol for those whose objective is to move or eliminate negative sensations in the body associated with anxiety, physical discomfort, pain and stress.

SĀF-T Research and Science?

Post–intensive care syndrome–family (PICS-F) refers to acute and chronic psychological effects of critical care on family members of patients in intensive care units (ICUs). Evidence suggests that increased distress during the ICU stay increases risk of PICS-F. Sensation Awareness Focused Training (SAF-T) is a new, promising stress management intervention…CLICK pdf link below to read entire report…

View Randomized Control Trial of SĀF-T

SĀF-T Kicks Hiccups!

Fun with Sensory Awareness Focused Training (SĀF-T ), Master Trainer Wade Lang helps his 11-yr-old son using SĀF-T on Jonah who comes home from school complaining that he’s had hiccups all day! Observing the effects of smooth pursuit eye movements right before your eyes is amazing!

"The eye movements are calming the brain mimicking the natural REM cycle found in sleep and creating a bridge between the Limbic and Cortex parts of the brain, giving emotions, sensation and even pain relief and release."

Learn the process of SĀF-T and start making a difference.

Who can Learn & Use SĀF-T?

SĀF-T is as its title indicates, safe! This technique is used by parents/guardians with children that need calming, para-professionals to help regulate the overstimulated student, client, or patient. Licensed Chemical Use Disorder Counselors, Daycare Professional’s, Non-licensed Techs working with chemical dependance clients, RN’s, LPN’s, Nursing Aids all use SĀF-T  to help their clients with feeling of anxiousness, worry, fear, and much more! 

A safe, non pharmaceutical solution, with real results.

What to expect to learn and apply in SĀF-T Training

1.) Intro to SĀF-T and Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements 

2.) SĀF-T  Theory and Applications 

3.) Using SĀF-T  script for Eye Movements

4.) Handling Heightened Sensations

5.) Using Guided Imagery with the Eye Movements

6.) SĀF-T and Metaphors Script

7.) Matching Metaphors to Your Subjects 

8.) Live demonstration of SĀF-T

9.) SĀF-T  Practicum – Group Practice – Group Discussion/Q&A

SĀF-T  training is an eclectic mix of presentation, videos, slides, and lectures to ensure that after training you feel confident and comfortable to use this new skill to make a difference. 

If you or your organization is ready to be trained in SĀF-T