Sensation Awareness Focused Technique

Gone are the days of feeling helpless over emotions. Make sensations manageable and reduce or eliminate pain for yourself, and for your family with SAF-T.

Photo: Ogden, Utah by Wade Lang

What is sAF-t?

A revolutionary idea for evolutionary time, SAF-T uses the eye-movements of ART to move sensations, emotion, and reduce pain.

Photo: Ogden, Utah by Wade Lang

Who is qualified to Learn SAF-T?

SAF-T is as its title indicates, safe! This technique is used by parents/guardians with children that need calming, para-professionals to help regulate the overstimulated student, client, or patient. Licensed Chemical Use Disorder Counselors, Daycare Professionals, Non-licensed Techs working in chemical dependency clients, RN’s, LPN’s, Nursing Aids all use SAF-T to help their clients with anxiety, worry, fear, and so much more!

How does SAF-T work?

Learning to use SAF-T is as easy as waving good-bye to a friend, in this case a friend you’d rather not see again. Overwhelming sensations, intrusive emotions, and irritating pain move under the eye-movements of SAF-T. 

Photo: Ogden, Utah by Wade Lang

Photo: Ogden, Utah by Wade Lang

About SAF-T Training...what, where, and when?

Training in SAF-T includes theory behind the science of eye-movements and why they work, the neuroscience of eye-movements, and of course application and execution. Just like ART, SAF-T training is also a full immersion training consisting of in class application to ensure your immediate success. 

SAF-T used to get rid of hiccups!

Trainer Wade Lang helps his 11yr old son Jonah with a case of hiccups he’d struggled with all day at school!  

SAF-T has so many great applications, if there’s a sensation, emotion, or discomfort present, putting it “under the eye-movements” can mean the difference between a sleepless or restful nights sleep!