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You and 3 Colleagues

If you don’t have the convenience of time, and flying to where the next ART Basic Training is being held is just not possible, I will come to you! It’s as simple as gathering 3 other providers who are also interested in being ART trained and I will come to you, any where in the country, guaranteed. 

Many trainings begin with the interest of a single provider. In the years that I have provided these trainings the majority of my students are individuals who have experienced ART themselves, or referred one of their own clients to another provider who was ART Trained and their client improved drastically and suddenly. The impact of a “stuck” client all the sudden making drastic improvement inspires  a quest in the referring therapist to be trained themselves.

ART and Our Nations Military

Hundreds of US Military Providers Trained in ART

Dept. of Defense Process for ART Trainings

After several DoD ART Trainings, the process is getting much more streamlined. The first step in securing a training is to identify how many providers will be trained. Our staff is skilled and experienced at handling the financial aspect of the training and would be glad to assist you. Call (507) 227-6806 or email The “Live Chat” option on this page is even easier! 

Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Ft. Campbell’s providers experienced their first ART Basic Training in the summer of 2020 and have excelled at its used to date! The team at Ft. Campbell meets with me monthly to discuss cases, consult on interventions used in ART which makes the entire team stronger.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, D.C.

Walter Reed National Medical Center in our nations capital is a leader in trauma treatment for our country’s Warriors! ART has been taught to a number of Walter-Reed Providers over several trainings. Army Col. (Dr.) Wendi Waits, director for Behavioral Health at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center states she uses ART often and has wrote about her experience with ART in Psychiatric Times; you can read the article here:

Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI

Thanks to the tireless work of, now Ret. Col. Millard Brown, Tripler Army Medical Center has close to 100 providers trained in ART! I’m honored to have been the first trainer to bring ART to Hawaii and since have completed 8 ART Basic Trainings in four different trips to the Island of Oahu! Besides on-post trauma services, Tripler’s tele-behavioral health department has become the leader in utilization of ART over the web and across the globe! 

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